Saturday, 28 February 2009

Reynaurd The Fox

The following images with exception to the last one were taken on the 13 of June 2008 at a quarter to seven in the evening, yes, we did have some fine days last summer!
We had been watching these cubs for some time, and wondered, how we could get close enough to photograph them. Basically throwing some dog food around, and sitting in the long grass did the trick, partly through their hunger and the cubs inquisitiveness.
Although my preference is to watch and photograph birds, I intend to include as much of the Natural World as possible on the blog.
The first four shots are of healthy cubs, going about there business, on a fine summers evening.
The last harrowing photograph was taken on Wednesday evening 25th of February in the same area, although not a quality shot it shows the suffering these animals can experience in the natural world. This fox is probably infested with mange.
The fox is vilified and recognised by some for its killing spree's; sadly, this logic is all to often is applied to some of our raptors such as the Goshawk and Hen Harrier who are indiscriminately killed to preserve the pleasures of man.

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  1. When I had the smallholding in mid wales certain times of the year the foxes where a nuisance, most where townies dumped at the end of our lane by the rcpca. thinking they where doing them a favour, not thinking about others, we bred rare breeds, the foxes killed for fun. we lost twenty Chinese geese goslings in one night, not a pretty sight seeing them all dead,