Saturday, 21 February 2009

St Clements,St Gothian and St Stithians

A quick upload of today the 21st of Febuary's photo's with the narrative to follow later. Basically success at St Clements in Truro, and at St Gothian sands, Gwithian, Hayle. Got lost in Stithians. The Scaup and pintail were photographed at Gwithian and the Greenshank at St Clements, Truro.


  1. Wow great shots, especially the pintail.

  2. Hi Sam and Lisa, I wondered if I could pick your brains. How did you set up a blog archive and also, I understand that if I want to group all similar birds together ( maybe garden birds or gulls ) down the side of the blog like you have,I have to use labels, but if I post say 6 mixed pictures and label that posting, won't all 6 end up under the same title when the label may only apply to 1 or 2. Can you delete the pics that don't need to be in that group once everything is in place. Sorry this is so long and hope it makes sense. Regards Sue

  3. Sue,hopefully I have emailed you.
    You can edit your blog after posting it through your dash board.

  4. I have just found your blog great pictures thank you for sharing them with us