Saturday, 15 November 2014

Isabelline Turk

I managed to get to Pendeen today, to photograph the Turkestan/ / Brown/Redback Shrike. Or a variant of the above. This Juvenile bird is causing some confusion in the birding world as to what species of Shrike it actually is, although Paul St Pierre, RSPB guru, seems to think that the conclusion is Turkestan.
All I can say, "it  is no good asking me".

 Here is a shot of the wings as they apparently are a good indicator of what species of Shrike this bird is.

Monday, 3 November 2014

Ruckin Feasters

I don't do much sport photography, but this weekend is St Just feast, the time of year when St just celebrates the church.
An ancient celebration which is held in November every year to celebrate the dedication of the parish church. The feast itself is a two-day event with a church service and civic procession being held on the Sunday of the feast and a larger scale popular celebration being held on the Monday (which includes a meeting of the local hunt). A description of St Just feast, from 1882, follows:
"Rich and poor still at this season keep open house, and all the young people from St. Just who are in service for many miles around, if they can possibly be spared, go home on the Saturday and stay until the Tuesday morning. A small fair is held in the streets on Monday evening, when the young men are expected to treat their sweethearts liberally, and a great deal of "foolish money" that can be ill afforded is often spent"
 Sports now play a great part in the celebrations along with plenty of pints of beer.