Wednesday, 11 February 2009

First attempt at blogging!

Well here we go,our first attempt of blogging.Encouraged by Steve Rogers (SWOPTICS) to do a blog so it is his fault if it all go's wrong.
I purchased a load photographic and optical gear from Steve(I may of caused the credit crunch) and Lisa and I haven't looked back.Basically our main interest is bird watching but we then joined the Cornwall Wildlife Trust and its Photographic Group so our portfolio will expand.
Our equipment is as follows.I shoot with a Nikon D300 Camera, my lenses are a 80-400 Nikon Zoom and an 18 -200 Nikon Zoom, Lisa has a Nikon D90 with HD Video capabilities a 18-105 Nikon Zoom and commandeers my lenses .
I follow several blogs that include the now famous Stithians Blog, JR and Sue and of course the Swoptics blog all good stuff with excellant and birding info.
My father in law has also equiped himself (can't say where he purchased it as could be tantamount to advertising) and he may contribute to this blog.
I will try and upload my first photo tonight, It is only a Greater Blackback Gull (knowing my luck it will end up being Archie our yorkie) I took tonight down at Cot Valley, St just in Cornwall.I was hoping to see and Photograph the Grey Phalarope unfortunately he wasn't there.


  1. i like the "now famous Sthians blog" comment. It's not that famous is it??

  2. This is a very good start and about time too.
    We look forward to seeing lots of great images.
    Sue and John

  3. Wow... What beautiful pictures.

    I wish I could take photographs like that! I'm still a bit at the "point and press" stage of photography. The pictures of the different birds are absolutely amazing.

    Thank you very much to the both of you for posting them.


  4. Wow! Very impressed Mr & Mrs Williams! We get some birds here in Essex too - but they tend to be a bit rougher though..... :-)