Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Cattle Egret,Cormorant and Black Headed Gull At Hayle Estuary

On Saturday the 28th February 2009 I didn't start bird watching until mid afternoon. I suppose my aim was to have a go with my new Nikon Lens.I started by trying to photograph a black headed gull feeding in Ryan's field at Hayle, the shot I wanted was the moment the gull dipped its beak into the water whilst on the wing, as you will see below I was unsuccessful although not a bad flight shot.

Whilst scanning the reserve I found a Little Egret injured with a broken wing, that is when the wife got involved. On the phone to the RSPCA, I then spent the next three quarters of an hour assisting a reluctant RSPCA officer to capture the injured bird.

The following photograph is a Cormorant in its full breeding colours.I always thought of Cormorants as a dull coloured bird but this photo shows different and we should not take any bird for granted.


  1. Incredible
    I love this blog
    Regards from Spain

  2. Great blog, outstanding photography. Sam& Lisa