Saturday, 14 March 2009

Short Eared Owl

My apologies for the quality of these images but the Owls were a fair way off in the distance, basically to far for a decent picture and heavily cropped.This location, gave us two Short Eared Owls, and one Hen Harrier, today the 14th of March 2009.Short Eared Owls are listed as amber status by the RSPB (another species struggling). I have been trying to photograph this owl for a couple of days and today I have had limited success. If I get better photographs I will edit this blog. Click on the picture for a larger image.


  1. Nice shots.
    where were they taken?

  2. If you live in Zennor,then not far from you.

  3. Nice to see shots of short Eared Owl,last year at Landsend we saw one in flight, which was the only sighting we had all that year. So well done.