Thursday, 19 March 2009

Golden Plover at Trewey, Zennor

I came across these Goldies whilst out looking for the Short Eared Owl ,hoping to get a better photo. No Owl to be found.The photo below, I thought may have harboured an American Golden Plover (the darker bird at the front group). After contacting the Godfather, Steve Rogers and Paul Freestone of Cornwall Birding we concluded that it is probably a European in transition to its breeding colours. As for the Owl, Mark Harris photograph of it is about fifty times better than mine,so here is his Flickr link .
I wish I didn't show him the location ( Only joking Mark).Click on the image to enlarge


  1. I know the feeling,never mind every Golden Plover has a silver lining.The Owl will show well soon, just wait and see.
    Good record shots Sam,well done.

  2. Hey Sam - thank you for the kind comments, I was not sure how they would look as they were very heavily cropped. As John says you will probably have many opportunities to get some good shots of it, I had not even heard of any short-eared owls near my home town so am very grateful to you for pointing out the location near Zennor - thank you.

    It was good to meet you at Gothian Sands NR and look forward to meeting you again when I am next down - cheers, mark

  3. Hi Sam, I have taken another long look at the dark one and I am sure that it is just a shadow creating a dark impression. There is just one other Goldie in the photo with part of its wing in shadow, but still gives the same impression. Good action shot though.