Saturday, 16 January 2010

Nikon Coolpix P90

I do not normally profile camera equipment but I recently had a birthday gift of a Nikon Coolpix P90 purchased from South West Optics in Truro. I wanted a light weight camera to carry with me every day and for our longer walks. The camera is certainly a powerful tool with a 24 times zoom with image stabilisation, 12 megapixels and the normal easy shoot settings with manual override that includes aperture priority which is the setting I usually use. The P90 has a rear screen that can be tilted and what I found amazing when looking through the viewfinder the camera acts like a SLR , you actually view what is captured through the lens like a SLR. It is possible to capture bird flight shots ( see the Bittern at Marazion) if I had been switched on at the time I would have nailed it much closer getting a better shot, however it shows what this gear is capable of. The only downside is there is no RAW function. My opinion is that for a compact this is a powerful tool and Ideal for the mobile birder.



  1. Looks like a nice investment Sam,great bird shots.

  2. It takes a good shot Sam a handy bit of kit for those unexpected moments

  3. Wonderful photos as usual. It's funny you should post about the Nikon P90. My brother just bought one of those as well, and he really likes it. I had been thinking about it too. Now, after reading your post, I just might invest in one also! It's a great little camera I think, with a lot of possibilities, esp. when you don't want to pack a lot of weight around. Thanks for this post.

  4. Always handy to have a everyday camera with you. This sounds spot on 24x zoom and 12mp. Nice shots.

  5. Hope the new camera works out ok!!
    Could you email me the barnacle geese pic for the website please.
    Email: Ash.1456(at)