Monday, 18 January 2010

Coolpixed Cattle Egrets

The images below of the Brew Farm Cattle Egrets are all from the Coolpix P90. Low light conditions with fog and at four to four thirty in the afternoon made life difficult, as on full magnification the camera gave me shutter speeds of 1/60th and 1/100th of a second with the aperture fully open. These shutter speeds make hand held photography difficult to say the least and compounding the matter I try to keep the ISO as low as possible to reduce grain so I adjusted the ISO switching between 200 and 400 ISO.The other item I use to stabilise a camera is a sandbag. I find this tool excellent, stabilising the camera enough for effective photography at low shutter speeds. Finally the Cattle Egrets were obliging enough to momentarily freeze.
The camera used on the previous post was my Nikon D300 DSLR
Ten out of ten to Bob Sharples for spotting my botched attempt at cloning away a small part of a Canada Goose in the second image of the previous blog. I only use cloning to erase distracting bits and not add items.


  1. Intresting shots Sam, Bob has a keen eye for photography

  2. Great shots Sam. Another one we have yet to catch up with!

  3. Good work Sam, you have certainly captured the subject here "Cattle Egret"

  4. Like the framing in the first, between the legs of the cow.
    Never seen one of these, and the second gives a good indication of its size.

  5. That cow in the first shot added a great "natural setting" frame to the photo. Good eye, and good shot. They're all nice.