Sunday, 31 January 2010

Bewick Swan

These images are of the wild Bewick Swans at Slimbridge. They have migrated in from Russia a distance of approximately two thousand five hundred miles to escape the harsh Siberian winter.
We have experienced a hard winter this year but nothing to what they would have suffered if they had stayed there experiencing a temperature of minus 50 with a wind chill factor on top.
Another fact is that forty per cent of all Swans carry lead shot even though they are protected.
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Torvill and Dean


  1. Amazing shots,love the last image.
    Looks like you both had a great Trip.

  2. Love the shots you are right digiscoping is very frustrating but it is giving me a lot of patience ( and i am going greyier) Thanks.

  3. Awesome shots! Swan looks so cute. Love their soft touch white color!
    Thanks for the photos.

  4. These are simply wonderful!. Need I say more?

  5. Brilliant Sam - great post.

  6. Torville and Dean...lovely shots...witty caption.