Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Life In The Freezer

How cold it was today, I nearly froze my balls of my feet off. Here is a couple of images and it shows the difference between St Just and Marazion, Field Fare and Snipe photographed at Marazion. My apologies for repeatng the species ( Redwing and Lapwing). I also froze my ass off looking again for the Richards Pipit.


  1. Wow!!
    Great Snow pics.
    I didn't manage to get out for snow/bird pics today, even though school was closed.
    Hopefully tomorrow

  2. Great Images Sam, at least is was warmer than yesterday!!!

  3. Great shots Sam.
    I am still waiting to see a Lapwing and a Fieldfare this year let alone photograph them.
    Next time Sam.

  4. Lovely series! Speaking of cold, we're supposed to have 33 degrees below zero tonight. Yesterday we got about 7 inches of snow.