Friday, 26 June 2009


I have been watching these Peregrine Falcons for a couple of weeks and managed to capture these flight shots. My apologies for the grain in the images but once again they were a fair distance and had to be heavily cropped. Their is a nest with three chicks on the verge of fledging ( if not already fledged) but I decided just to look at them through my scope as you need a license to photograph them. No location given as Peregrine nest sites are protected. As most of you will know they are persecuted by illegal Falconers, who let the parents do all the work in their rearing and then snatch the chicks just before fledging to sell or rear for their own use. Please click on the images to enlarge


  1. Hi Sam, Excellent shots.
    As you may know I got some sarcastic (jealous) remarks about my Peregrine nest shots, so did some checking and you don't need a license to photograph them, it is only illegal to disturb the nest for photographic purposes. It is the disturbing not the photographing that is illegal, so you would have been fine at that distance. John

  2. Great shots, Sam. They are a beautiful bird.

  3. Nice Shots hope you are enjoying the good weather and getting plenty of sightings