Sunday, 14 June 2009

Moorland Birds and the Cuckoo

It has been a few days since I my last post, its that gardening time of year and that is exactly where Ive been, in the garden. However I managed a couple of evenings out on the local moors and got more shots of a Willow Warbler, a female Stone Chat,good photo's of a Lark and a couple of interesting record shots of a cuckoo being harassed by a Meadow Pipit. I guess the Meadow Pipit has got wise to the Cuckoo' intentions and according to the experts that is one of the reason's for the decline of the Cuckoo in the UK in recent years.The Cuckoo was to far away for good photography but I had to try and grab the moment as walkers were approaching, and they were closer than me. Click on th images to enlarge

Female Stone chat




  1. Well done Sam or Lisa whoever took them. It is always good policy to take the shot rather than let it pass by. I learnt a lesson from the Golden Eagle when I just watched and did not photograph it.

  2. Great pictures as always

  3. Lovely images. Maybe the Cuckoo will adapt to change.

  4. Great collection,love the Cuckoo shots.
    Well done Sam and Lisa.
    Thank you for your great comments,we must get together one day.
    Happy snapping.

  5. I agree with "The Watcher" - take the shot! You did good. Nice photos as always.

  6. Great images and that Stonechat is lovely ..... mark

  7. Thanks Sue & JR I have to confess that 99% of the photos are sams - my time is a bit limited because of studying. Hopefull soon I will get more opportnities to join in. Lisa.