Monday, 8 June 2009

Willow Warbler Versus Chiff Chaff

The first image is of a Chiff Chaff, and I do experience difficulty in Identifying the Willow Warbler from the Chiff Chaff unless I hear the song. Hopefully this post will help those of you who struggle as I do in differentiating between the two species.As you will see in the Chiff Chaff, has dark legs and the faded eye stripe and then compare it with the Willow Warbler images.

The following are two images of the Willow Warbler working hard to feed the chicks. . The three main differences are the song, the leg colour and the accentuated eye stripe of the Willow Warbler.As you can see the sun in the second image has illuminated the the legs of the Willow Warbler showing well their colour.


  1. These are really lovely shots. I too have the trouble ID'ing these two without song. I even thought a dodgy shot I took of a Grey Wagtail at Stiths was a Chiffchaff, so maybe there's no hope for me!

  2. Well I think that sets a problem for me as I am totally deaf and cannot hear birdsong. My eyesight is not brilliant either, still I have seen both..or have I?

    Nice images.

  3. Beautiful shots. I've never seen either of these birds before. They sure are little cuties, though!

  4. Great shots you managed.Love the last shot of the Willow Warbler .