Thursday, 2 July 2009

Shoot First and Ask Questions Later

My title refers to the fact that when out in the field taking your pictures you should not check your photo;s other than the histogram for exposure. My bad habit was and sometimes still is to find a shaded place and check what I have captured through the rear screen. This is a bad habit for two reasons, the screen burns your battery power and you miss shots, chck them when you get home.
The following images are again taken on our heath and moorland. I spent some time trying to capture a flight shot of a Swallow drinking on the wing, but with no preparation I had little success. The Swallows also seem to just plummet into the water rather than skim. I guess it was Swallow bathing or cooling rather than drinking. Please click on the image to enlarge

Meadow Pipit

Linnets in flight


  1. Fantastic capture,wish I could do the same.
    Great shots,always shoot first ask questions later.

  2. Nice images of the Linnets in flight.

  3. I agree with that. I love the M. Pipit shot and the changing background colours. Great flight shots...I must practice my panning technique because my flight shots leave a lot to be desired.

  4. Really good shot of the Swallow - the droplets add to the overall effect and the bird is in good focus. A realy difficult subject Sam - I've tried it but never succeeded.

  5. Truly a wonderful shot! What focal length in the first photograph? The overall colors, compose and shades are very nice.

    Bedse Caves