Thursday, 23 July 2009


Note the plastic around the seals neck, our seas are full of rubbish.


  1. I agree sam the sea around Cornwall are full old nets, rope and plastic on our last trip back from Scilly we had a sack around our prop I had to cut it away its time for all of us to stop polluting our planet and save our wildlife

  2. Nice photo (except for the plastic) - man will be his own demise.

  3. Not just the seas. Rubbish tips are a nightmare for gulls and scavenging birds. Ring pulls, the plastic that holds four cans of beer together is lethel... the list is probably endless. The other day I struggled to stop a Cygnet eating a piece of polystyrene (nearly falling in to boot!) - the parents were about to jump me when I finally managed to grab it and run!