Saturday, 11 June 2011

Mallorca Plovers

Rare species were off the list as we had missed the migration , although everything is rare to me, but the benefits of this time of year were great. From all of the hides in the S'albufera reserve there were adults raising young. We were captivated by the efforts of the Little Ringed Plover and the Kentish Plovers stoic efforts to keep their young safe. The Little Ringed Plover attacked and distracted everything that came within a short distance of the chicks, they would feign injury to attract the perceived predator away from their young. Lisa managed to capture the action shots, the Little Ringed Plover dive bombing the Kentish Plover is my Favourite. I captured the first two.
I am having problems with blogger at the moment folks, I don't seem to be able to leave any comments on the blogs I follow. Hopefully it will sort itself out. Click on the image they are better enlarged


  1. Great stuff Sam and Lisa,looks like a fab place to visit.
    Love the last shot,plenty of action.

  2. Wow, the young are tiny but well camoflaged.