Monday, 13 June 2011

Mallorca, Cattle Egret

The Cattle Egret in the S'albufera are numerous, the Egret's breeding site can be seen when approaching the centre of the reserve on the far river bank, in the trees. However, the hide is sited near the Egrets location, but on the blind side of the tree line where they nested . They would fly from the nest site on a route in front of the hide which meant it was brilliant for capturing flight shots , the centre image is virtually full frame. The first image I captured when exiting the hide, the weather had became inclement once again forcing this adult and its young over the tree line looking for shelter, the leaden sky adds atmosphere and provides a brilliant background for this species. Please click on the image to enlarge

The back drop on this image was the distant mountain range shrouded in mist. Doesn't sound like Mallorca does it


  1. Fantastic flight shots! Well done.

  2. Three great shots,love the flight shots.

  3. These are quality Sam and nicely exposed, worth enlarging to view.

  4. Agreed there, three stunning shots to be proud of.