Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The Last Few Images From Mallorca

The Last Few Images from Mallorca,

They say the best back ground for an image is an uncluttered one, the ditch water in this image does the trick.

I know that the little Egret is common here in England, but this frame filled image is well worth posting

Sardinian Warbler
Red Knobbed Coot


  1. Really amazing photos. Love the Egret in flight. We have American Coots here, but none with the red knob that I know of. How unique he is! That's a striking photo.

  2. Another stunning set,from a stunning place.
    Love the Red Knobbed Coot,the Sardinian wabler is my favourite.
    Always look forward to seeing any flight shots from you.

  3. Good stuff Sam, that is the first picture of a Red Knobbed coot I have seen, great post.