Monday, 6 September 2010

Garden Watch

I nipped home for lunch today and it was raining like hell and whilst making lunch I noticed a Coal Tit on the feeders, a new bird for the garden. So I rigged up the camera for a record shot of the Coal Tit, got the shot and low and behold a Pied Flycatcher landed on the feeder stand, a species I have seen but always escaped the camera. The third shot is of a Willow Warbler. There is lots of movement of birds at the moment with high numbers in the garden. The shots were taken during an hours lunch break and through the kitchen window apart from the Coal Tit.


  1. Great catch of the Pied Flycatcher !
    Dont get them over here, just Semi-Collared and Spotted.

  2. Isn't it fun to catch on camera a species that manages to evade us most of the time! We'll be attending "Calton's" funeral this morning. His sisters were over to see me Sunday and pick out pictures of him to use. I think one I took will be on the front page of their funeral pamphlet. God rest his soul. While he was still lucid in the hospital, they had shown him my blog page and the photos of him I had taken at the brandings. He really liked it.

  3. Great piece of luck,lovely photo.