Thursday, 2 September 2010

Digiscoping Blue

I called this post digiscoping blue as generally when I am digiscoping the air is blue. Normally due to my failure to produce a reasonably image. Today I had another go at Hayle Estuary and theresults are nowhere near as good as the Master but here they are. The first image is of two Knot then followed by a Black Headed Gull feeding on an old fish head then two Black Tailed Godwit.


  1. Top notch Sam,well done mate.
    I think your Black Headed Gull is a winner.
    Digiscoping is like everything life,it takes time.
    I'm still trying.

  2. I have never digiscoped. Wouldn't even know how. Your pictures are great!

  3. Great results Sam, I tried it a couple of times and gave up.

    JR's comment still trying, (He who speaks with forked tongue)