Sunday, 1 August 2010

Hedgehog and Young

This morning I visited my brothers house as he is lucky enough to have a Hedgehog family in his garden. These prickly little creatures are wonderful and I felt privileged to photograph a family. Hedgehogs seem to be doing well in this area as I have had them in my garden and we have seen them when out walking in the late evening. My brother has been feeding them cat food so this family should do well. Four young in all were born to this mother. See the next post as lisa made a video with her cell phone.


  1. These little guys are soooo cute! How fun to get to see them. And your Gull series below this post are fabulous!

  2. Great family shots Sam,lucky you.
    Your first shot looks FAB.

  3. Great shots Sam Julie thought they looked so cute

  4. very nice...
    Ineke, neighbour of Alison in Holland:-)