Monday, 9 August 2010

Coloured Ringed Black Headed Gull

Along with the Med gull at Marazion I found this colour ringed Black Headed Gull and the following information is its life history so far.

Recapture History
Ring Age/ Capture
number Type Date Initial Details
Black-headed Gull
EW55037 N 1 12/06/07 Cleveland Farm, Wiltshire
S 4 Sighted 24/12/08 Drift Reservoir, Penzance, Cornwall (327 km, WSW, 1 yr 195days)
O 6 Sighted 16/05/09 NA Cleveland Farm, Wiltshire (1 yr 338days)
S 4 Sighted 06/08/10 Marazion beach, Cornwall (302 km, SW, 3 yrs 55days) .

The juvenile Mediterranean Gull in the previous post originated from Belgium, and was ringed somewhere between Antwerp and Brussels. Unfortunately I could not capture enough information from the ring to discover its exact ringing location. As it is a first year bird its history would be recent. Thank you to Andy Pay for the information on researching ringed Mediterranean Gulls, check out his blog at . Also if you should find a coloured ringed Med Gull visit this


  1. Well done Sam,great piece of interesting information.
    We are always on the lookout for ringed birds.
    Buy the way great shot.

  2. Very nice clear shot of the Gull and the ring and interesting information.

  3. How very interesting! That's a great shot of him.

  4. Nice of you to hunt for all that info,very interesting!

    Wild Sri Lanka

  5. Great shot Sam and some very useful information to boot.