Saturday, 10 October 2009

Snow Bunting

What a lovely day today was so what shall I do. Flu jab at 1205 pm so that's the morning out. I check out Terry Georges Web report to see what is close to home and he reports that the Snow Bunting is still at Nanquidno, in the field adjacent to the airport to be precise. So after lunch off I go with all my kit, sore arm and no sign of the flu. I park close to the birds location and decide to leave the camera for a minute and just take the bins to locate the bird .No one around to ask so its up to me (much more satisfying). So, here I am the great white hunter looking for this bird scanning the field with my Zeiss Victory bins. No sign of a Snow Bunting so I drop the bins from my eyes and low and behold the bird is about four feet from me and feeding. Now I had to run back to the car to get the gear, set up and back to the bird. Please click on the images to enlarge.


  1. GREAT shots Sam. It's not a shy bird is it? Well done.

  2. Nice pictures, lucky for you it was still there on your return with the camera.

  3. I missed seeing this post somehow. What a beautifully marked bird. When I scrolled down, I was expecting to see a bird that was mostly white!

  4. Fantastic shots,love these images.
    Great stuff Sam.

  5. Sam & Lisa,
    What a collection of great photography you have. Very impressive!
    NikonSniper Steve