Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Ryans Field

As well as photographing the seals we spent an hour at Ryan's field and photographed the hybrid goose and Canada's. Identification of the hybrid is proving difficult, the thinking is a Dark Morph Snow goose and probably an escapee. However to me the beak and legs look like they belong to a Bar Headed goose, anyway it appears that the bird has been around for a long time .
I snapped the Canada as it flew into the estuary, the only enhancement was to alter the light levels and with the selection tool I moderately sharpened its head.


  1. I saw that one about a week ago in Ryans field, seems to be hanging around with the Canada's

  2. Hi Sam,we saw same bird about three weeks ago,someone reported it as a Snow Goose.
    But we agree with you,it's probably escapee.

  3. Hi Sam
    Just got back on to your Blog and had a good read through,looks like you had a great holiday and some lovely images of things we dont normaly see, keep em coming and hope to see you out and about soon.

  4. Terrific photos! So nice and clear. Keep them coming.