Friday, 10 April 2009

Fulmars on Good Friday

Interesting day today, I was out early this morning, walking around Botallack ,and I am convinced I spotted a Subalpine Warbler, so sure that I mailed the sennen birding site (Terry George and Cornwall Birding.I had a close view of it ( 2 metres) through the bins for five minutes.No camera though, I can't carry the camera constantly, sometimes you just have to watch.Unfortunately the bird moved off and I had to leave site.I returned an hour later but no sign of the bird.The rest of the day was spent at nanquidno photographing Fulmars.I tried to photograph this species when I first purchased my camera and was unsuccessful.


  1. Great shots Sam.
    I wish I could get better flight shots but unless I'm really close I find that the Auto focus trys to focus on everything but the bird, espescially if it's a small bird. Any advice.

  2. Everyone gets the same problem.I took about 180 shots today and had about six sucessful photo's.
    I use center point focus or 51 point 3D tracking with the autofocus servo on continuous.I also set the shutter release on release and focus or focus only.
    I'm not an expert by no means.

  3. I thought I'd pop over and visit your blog too. Your photography is wonderful. I'll be back to check you out often.