Thursday, 17 November 2011

Cranes On The Horizon

Lisa and I went down to the Lizard peninsula today in hope of connecting with the visiting six Cranes. I had heard that  Steve Rogers (SW Optics) was also on the hunt for them so I phoned him from Lisa' mobile and his directions was spot on. He said they had flown and he was tracking them around the Kennack Sands area. I stayed around the original location and within twenty minutes they had returned. We viewed them from the road that ran by Little Trethvas farm towards Cadgwith and on to Grade, I would say around 300 to 400 metres past Little Trethvas and they are located in  maize stubble (corn on the cob) on the right hand side. Photography was difficult as I was fighting the light, basically shooting into the sun and they were distant, the 800mm lens helped immensely.


  1. Nice one Sam, have you retired now your not missing many rare visitors?

  2. Glad you caught up with them Sam.
    You got some good shots there. I expect to see them in your talk next month!!!
    I see that the 24 from the Wadebridge area were seen heading east from Exbourne in Devon at 10am today.

  3. What a wonderful opportunity! And your photos of them are terrific.

  4. stunning sam as normal , your going to have to take me out one day.