Saturday, 12 November 2011


Work has seriously clipped my wings and confined me to weekend birding, today I managed to connect with the female juvenile Bufflehead at Loe Bar. First found by George Jefferys on the Lizard peninsular and allowed some wonderful photographic moments for Steve Rogers and all. Unfortunately for me the Bufflehead confined itself to mostly the mid-water section of Loe Pool viewed from Degibna, so the distance was significant, it was mobile and elusive but I managed to grab a couple of reasonable record shots.I have also included a couple of shots of Northern Shoveler duck who were far more confiding.With all these American species visiting our county my Daughter in Law must be happy as she was born in America, to an American Mother and a Cornish father.


  1. Ah, terrific shots! Love those Northern Shovelers.

  2. George Jeffery first found the Bufflehead at The Lizard, not me. PS great shots (as always!)

  3. Thanks Andy, my apologies to George J.