Monday, 23 May 2011

Garden Activity

One reason I don't use slug pellets, this Black bird collects four slugs at a time and rubs the slime off on the concrete path. I guess four slugs equals four chicks.

I fixed a nest box inside our Hawthorn tree during last autumn, and this spring we have breeding Great Tits in the garden. The parents are generally feeding them every two minutes, they are really hard working. I allowed myself one shot of the nest box only, we sit in the garde watching them coming and going, the chicks are in fine voice when the parents bring food.


Starling with young on my neighbours bird table, awful background I'm afraid


  1. Wonderful series! That Great Tit looks a lot like a Chickadee!

  2. Good to see your love towards garden and gardening. I am also a nature lover and love to read blogs related to nature. Your post is inspirational.

  3. Nothing more rewarding than watching all the garden activities.

  4. Great serie, i really love the second its very original with its blurred foreground ;)