Saturday, 14 May 2011

Comparison images of Temmincks Stint and Little Stint

Yesterday was a rush job, I had a call from Paul Freestone regarding the Temmincks Stint on Ryan's field , Hayle at around 1.30pm, and I was at work. Luckily I have a good business partner so I am able to leave early to capture this species on camera. Another Lifer for me, as most rarities are, I found it difficult to photograph the Temminck's with the light and distance to subject and the colour of the Temmincks Stint as it blended in so well with its background, also I had limited time. I have included a Little Stint I photographed two years ago on Marazion for comparison that is probably juv / first winter. The Temmincks is a rather plain, grey brown in colour and lacks the white stripes of the Little Stint, above all the leg colour of the Temmincks are tinged yellow as opposed to the dark legs of the Little Stint.

Little Stint

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  1. They really do blend in well! Makes it hard to get good photos. You did it quite nicely.