Sunday, 19 December 2010

Siberian Chiff Chaff ?

I found this Chiff Chaff over a week ago at the sewerage works at Kenidjack, or lets call it a re-find as I think it was found by others a few days before me. The Chiff Chaff in question shows characteristics of the Siberian type species. I have included in the images a poor shot of the subject because the image shows the usual olive green type overwintering Chiff Chaff and the Eastern type bird together. However to be certain of identification of this species the call and plumage must be used in combination.


  1. Nice captures of this confusing bird !

  2. What a lovely photos! I really liked your blog. Best wishes.

  3. Hi Sam & Lisa. Great photos! I've taken the liberty of linking to one of them from my blog: . I hope that this is OK, if it isn't then let me know (either by commenting here or on my blog) and I'll remove the link. I have of course credited you with the image. Sorry for having to communicate via a comment but I couldn't seem to find an e-mail link anywhere.