Thursday, 23 December 2010

More From The Marsh

Ironically the one bird I have been trying to nail is the Water Pipit, a difficult species ( for me) to identify. Generally there is an overwintering Water Pipit at Marazion, so when I am there I photograph every Pipit I find, in the hope that I capture one on camera. I have seen them fleetingly but on this occasion this one momentarily landed reasonably close for average photography. Again I missed the Bittern but this image more than compensates for that. The Water Pipit is a Eurpean species and a short distance migrant. Overwintering birds are normally found in the South and South Western regions of England.

Water Pipit

Water Rail


  1. Well done Sam,nice tick,worth the journey.
    Love your Moorhen shots,fantastic detail.

  2. Hi Sam Great post, glad you got the Water Pipit.
    Have a Very Merry Xmas an Happy New Year.

  3. Hi Sam, lovely captures of the Water Rail, I have never had the opportunity to get so close to this lovely bird!

  4. Hermosas fotografias de aves, necesito un telezoom para ello.