Saturday, 22 May 2010

Red Kites in the garden

Catch up in the garden today. I have neglected the garden and the lawn was like cutting hay so I was most annoyed when this Red Kite did a flyover causing me to run for the camera (Lisa's camera) and photograph it gliding by. I then had to stop for an hour drinking tea and sky watching. Lots of Buzzards around, one Cuckoo , swallows nesting in a neighbours garage and a Whitethroat in the back garden, Ah well back to the grindstone. What A spring!!!


  1. Great shots Sam. It is annoying... I never finish jobs in the garden; too many distractions!

  2. Nice flight shots Sam. Those distractions are great, but don't get the work done, do they?

  3. I wish my garden was under that flightpath !! Nice shots btw.