Wednesday, 19 May 2010


Here are a few images from our holiday, we recently spent 12 days on Tenerife and the birding was limited due to horizontalis sunbedii, but we did have a couple of coastal walks as we were away from the resorts. The country side and valleys were interesting although we regularly came across rubbish dumped in places I would compare with cot valley. The camera I took with me was my Nikon Coolpix compact. The Southern Grey Shrike (koenigi, Canary Island Great Grey Shrike) was found in one of the valleys we walked through, a family of four fledglings and their parents working hard to feed them. The juvenile Chiff Chaff was taken from the sunbed who was fed regularly by its parents right above me. Yellow Legged where in abundance and we were fortunate to see Osprey carrying fish. The roof top of the Hotel was a great viewing point.


  1. Sorry for the duplicate posts Sam, But I got an error message come up on the first two, so if you could remove them I would be obliged.

  2. Terrific! Love that first one - he's looking you right in the eye. I'm finally catching up on my commenting - we were gone to Utah, then had Son, Daughter-in-law and Baby Dane here visiting.

  3. Lovely shots we wish we were out their with you.
    Ps Are you related to Joan & Mick in Somerset?

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