Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Great Crested Grebe (Stithians Res )

This blogging thing is strange, almost telepathic. We spent almost a day at Stithians Res today ( Simon Taylor land) Only to read tonight that Bob Sharples and the Resident Rowes had already been this week, and who should I bump into down at Stiths was Splashography Mel.
We left home this morning fed up with the amount of cloud around so I started off with my 300mm lens, aperture set on f2.8, then as the day progressed the light improved and I added my two times converter.
One of my target species to photograph was the Great Crested Grebe and how lucky was I with close views at the Stuart Hutchens Hide. We crossed the road and had an uncomfortable hour in the Southern cut off hide in the teeth of a cold North Easterly wind, although a pie and chips at the Golden Lion pub sorted out the cold and onward we went. I took a few photo's of a some species on the feeder of dreams, but looking at the standard of Bob the blog and JR I may not post them. However I achieved my goal and nailed the GC Grebe and a few stunners of the Little Grebe. I will cover today with probably two more posts as I am pleased with the GC Grebe images.


  1. Lovely Images Sam,tried to pick out a favourite shot.But i like them all.
    Brilliant,hope to bump into you soon.

  2. Nice set of images, new header looks fantastic also.

  3. Great Images Sam, I have not seen the GC Grebes within shooting distance for quite a while.
    I am pleased that you had a good time at Stithians it is still one of my favourite places to chill out (literally in the SCO Hide!) and attempt to take photographs.
    Simon Taylor deserves a medal for the work he does there, I am sure that many birds would not have survived the cold spell without the well stocked feeding station.


  4. Oh, these are great captures. No favorites here - I love them all!

  5. I can see why you are pleased Sam - nice post there mate.

  6. Well done Sam ..Top stuff .you have every right to be pleased.