Saturday, 13 February 2010

Black Neck Grebe

The early worm catches the bird. This compliant Black Neck Grebe allowed me some nice shots this morning at Drift. This bird is probably the one first photographed at Longrock Pool by Monts and then by Rachel at Drift earlier this week. As Rachel said it usually feeds around the area after the board walk. After my photographic session with Grebe I proceeded out to the hide only to be followed by the bird who then swam in front of the hide then out across the Dam and resided at the Skimmel Bridge end of Drift.


  1. Nice shots got the call regarding the waxwing but was on the boat to Tresco got back to be told a local cat had it in a garden!!!

  2. i caught up with the grebe this afternoon near the boardwalk
    could you email me please need to check something

  3. Well done Sam, didn't see it when I was up there between 11am and 2pm today.

  4. Brilliant images, the first one is my favorite.
    I was there at the same time as Bob and didn't see it:-(, will try again tomorrow!