Wednesday, 4 November 2009

BlackRedstarts Part Deux

I returned today for a second slice of the Black Redstarts at St Just Church cemetery. There were five in all including the adult male in near summer plumage. I wasn't pleased with the photography on Saturday owing to the light and distance of the subject. I managed to shoot at 320 ISO although the camera was hand held and not on a Tri-pod. I had to be quick and photograph over the boundary wall..

The image below is an example of how fickle and frustrating it can be photographing birds and wildlife. The only opportunity this male Black Redstart gave me was shots like the one below, I had to shift position to get this but as you can see the branch has obscured its beak.


  1. Nice shots Sam. Well worth a second attempt.

  2. Great Sam - Love the first one. They love to hide from your lens!

  3. They're still really nice photos.