Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Back to Reality, Birds in The Garden

Back to reality after the Flycatcher, we have had our first yellowhammer in the garden this year and hopefully more to follow. Last year we had six visiting for a couple of months. The bottom three are photographed in another cottage when I was out looking for the Taiga. You gotta love the residents.

Peculiar dark coloured House Sparrow, do they cross breed with Greenfinches?

Feeder frenzy


  1. great shot of the european gold finch. my yard is full of the american version but i did capture this red faced european in my yard too. you can't miss this birds colorings. it is a very rare bird in the usa. there are strays but nothing to speak of in north america ... or so i am told by the petersons guide books. enjoy your photos.
    nikonsniper steve

  2. Your very lucky, a much more varied selection than my garden!!

  3. What a beautifully marked little bird.


  4. Fine shots Sam, love the Yellowhammer my bogey bird to photograph yep we all have to come back to reality some time

  5. Must be great to get a Yellowhammer in the garden, nice one. -mark