Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Night Heron

All work and no play makes Sam a dull boy, so I left work at half past four today to connect with the Night Heron located in Kenidjack Valley, approximately a mile from my home. All the reports said it was showing well but unfortunately it had been flushed earlier and was  now situated  in the deep narrow section of the valley. Photography was a challenge (excuses) balancing the camera and try pod in a Ivy bush right on the precipice, with poor light and mist I managed to capture this record shot.


  1. My files are full of "record" shots. You did okay with this one. That's better than not seeing it all, right? What kind of bird is in your Header Photo? Great shot.

  2. No excuses Sam, you were just frightened of getting your feet wet. A darn good record shot though.