Sunday 29 November 2020

Its Been A While

Its been some time since I have posted, possibly two years, so I may be talking to myself. My photography has been in fits and starts, however today on our local moorland I managed to nail a species that has evaded me for years.The first and third shot of the much persecuted Hen Harrier, even though a protected schedule 1 bird, it is shot at regularly on the big shoots such as Grouse shooting.
I was out photographing Short Eared Owls, when from behind a Snipe alarm called, so a quick glance over my shoulder and I spotted this Hen Harrier coming straight for me, so with a creaking back and worn out knees I swivelled like Ann Widecombe on strictly come dancing, not that I watch that crap (honestly) .  I guess you could call this Harrier, a sociable Hen Harrier, like the Sociable Plover in the area  I keep dipping on.
I love Short Eared Owls, although they are a challenge, they can see you a mile off and if they can't see you they will hear you, so farting was out of the question, (Lisa was thankful for that)
Number three image is of a Red Kite I took early in the year, I got some amazing shots of this fantastic raptor, they got caught up in a forty mile per hour easterly wind and was dumped on Sennen beach. My son who lives in Sennen tipped me off, so I positioned myself at the top of the hill and photographed the Red Kite as they struggled up from the beach, with some only 2 metres from the ground.
 Last but not least a common Buzzard taken from my bedroom window.


Sunday 1 July 2018

Pacific Golden Plover

Went to Hayle today to have a  look at the Pacific Golden Plover at Hayle, I caught up with it at Carnsew Basin, thanks to SW Optics for the information. I got great views but the light was Harsh and the bird distant for photography.

 The Pacific Golden-Plover breeds in western Alaska and Siberia and winters on islands across the Pacific Ocean, through southeast Asia, to northeastern Africa. It is uncommon in North America, found breeding in Alaska, and migrating and wintering in small numbers along the Pacific Coast.

Saturday 30 June 2018

Fledgling Wheatear

I found three fledged Northern Wheatear at Botallack today, an unusual breeding, but not unknown for these parts of the county.

Friday 1 June 2018


Whilst trying to catch up with the Bairds Sandpiper (unsuccessfully) at Marazion I captured a few images of the common waders on the beach.




Purple Sandpiper taken in Penzance