Friday, 24 October 2014

Yellow Billed Cuckoo

I made a concerted to go to Porthgwarra this afternoon to see the Yellow Billed Cuckoo, I have missed a few rarities this Autumn migration but could not resist this species as it is a lifer for me. It should be in South America, unfortunately for this poor bird it was in all probability blown off course by hurricane Gonzales, my Photography is below average butI only took a 70 to 200 zoom len's with a two times converter and no Tri-pod. The most important thing for me was to see the bird.


  1. Very well done Sam, brilliant pics mate, like you say the most important thing was to see it, any pics are are a bonus, I was to busy to get down today, so will try tomorrow morning, just hope its still there.

  2. Well done Sam,super tick,to have under your belt.
    Great shots,might go down tomorrow.

  3. °.♪♬
    Passei para uma visita e para admirar suas fotografias.
    Imagens super lindas!

    Bom domingo, amigo!
    Beijinhos do Brasil.