Sunday, 27 April 2014

Red Rumped Swallow

Today Lisa and I went to Sainsbury's to do some food shopping, (purgatory to me) so I took the Bins, and after shopping I went to Marazion reserve. A quick scan with the naked eye and I picked up a Red Rumped Swallow, further investigation confirmed my ID. Once again no camera, so I scooted home,picked up the camera and raced back to Marazion . I re- found the bird and managed to capture a few images. This is the second Red Rump I have found, the first was in March 2010. The first rare/scarce species for some time for me.


  1. A superb find Sam - well done mate.

  2. Well done Sam,not once,but twice.

  3. Great find Sam, you done very well in getting some very fine shots