Monday, 13 January 2014

Garden Birds

Tonight I should be at the Cornwall Wildlife Trust camera club but workload ended that, I am finding it difficult to dedicate time to my hobby lately,due to a frustrating back problem and work, so while Bob Sharples was photographing a Northern Harrier I was photographing garden birds hunched over my camera in the kitchen grumbling about back pain.The usual influx of overwintering Blackbirds brought a few to my garden feeding on the Cotoneaster. Also whilst the birds are feeding, the ever watch-full Sparrowhawk was eyeing up it's dinner from the neighbours roof.


  1. Hi Sam, I may have got the Northern Harrier but still after a decent Sparrowhawk image, lol

  2. Very nice set of photos. I really like that Starling - they're so pretty, although considered a nuisance. I only ever get 2 or 3 in my yard.

  3. The Starling is a cracker of a shot as are all of them

  4. Hope your back problems soon disappear Sam,I had problems with mine for years.
    But after a few visits to a Osteopath,soon put me right,still doing the stretch exercise at times of need.
    Get well soon.