Sunday, 14 April 2013

Ring Ouzel

With the wind and rain hammering in this morning, I made the decision to decorate a bedroom, then the weather cleared and the sun shone, now i am in a dilemma. I have got to carry on with the decorating but with the occasional glance out of the hall window, longingly looking at the birds on my feeders wishing I was out there birding instead of decorating. A quick scan of the Hawthorn trees I saw the thigh of  what I initially thought was a Blackbird but noticed the feather pattern was different, running to get the camera I grabbed a shot through the double glazing of a Female Ring Ouzel, the second one to visit the garden this year. I will have to clean the windows more often.


  1. Well done great shot Sam,the problem with decorating is you can't put the brush down when in mid flow.
    I've had to catch up on work at home,now I've got free time.

  2. Tell me about it..... great shots Sam, most people would have not given it a second glance and thought "blackbird",

  3. What a great shot! It's always fun to see new visitors. I had two Crossbills show up at my feeders, along with 6 inches of new snow. No spring yet.