Monday, 4 March 2013

Avocets On The River Exe

Lisa and I along with our friends spent the weekend in Exmouth, we walked the riverside path to Topsham with the hope of seeing a few Avocets. The Foot path takes in Lympstone and Exton. With the tide dropping back exposing the mudflats we found the Avocets at Exton feeding on small crustaceans and insects, using that distinct scything action through the top surface of the mud with their upturned beaks. The light was poor using ISO's up to 1600, normally I don't like to go much above 400, also they were distant objects to photograph.The colour ringed individual is interesting and I will try and find out its history, itr= is a Juvenile so may have been ringed during the last breeding season.


  1. Great birds to photograph Sam, better luck next time with the light/distance.

  2. Beautiful photos! Very pretty bird.

  3. Interesting Rings Sam,great birds.
    Smashing place to visit,our Sons lives in Exminster,another great birding spot.