Monday, 19 September 2011

Juvenile Long Tailed Skua At Pendeen

 Juv Long Tailed Skua
 Arctic Skua
These images are probably the most important shots I captured at yesterdays sea watch. Long Tailed Skuas are  known as the rarest species of Skua we see in Cornwall and at distance they can be difficult to differentiate from the juv Arctic Skua. You will note the barring on the rump and that is one identifying  feature, also the the wing primary quills show at the most two white stripes (on the Arctic this can be as much as five or six and gives the appearance of a white panel) and thirdly the overall appearance is one of a grey cold look. I am told that this could be the first image captured  of a Long Tailed Skua migrating through the Cornish Seas.


  1. Superb seawatching images, especially the Manx below! We had some similar close birds from St ives on Sunday to

  2. Congratulations Sam,brilliant captures.