Saturday, 8 January 2011

Goosander, Greater Scaup and Northern Shoveler

All of the following shots are Lisa,' with a visit to St Gothian and Carbis Bay, mainly to catch up with the Female Scaup at St Gothian. We first went to Carbis and Lisa captured the Goosander, the hard Autumn weather has driven a multitude of species down to the South West of England with high numbers of Goosander. Shoveler duck are a usual winter visit and the Greater Scaup a regular winter visitor habituating in the fjord, Icelandic and Tundra regions of the Northern Hemisphere.

Northern Shoveler (anas clypeata)

Goosander (mergus merganser)

Greater Scaup (athya merila)

Greater Scaup
Northern Shoveler


  1. Lisa - very nice series. You caught some good action in these.

  2. Lovely action shots, Sam you better watch out,Lisa looks like serious competition.
    Great to see you both.

  3. Great shots Lisa (now where does the talent really lie?)

  4. Fantastic captures! Nice I jumped from Dominic blog to yours! I'm happy I did it!

  5. Great diversity of ducks here! The shoveler image is stunning!