Monday, 7 June 2010

Cape Cornwall on Sunday Afternoon

We are lucky to have the worlds largest gull. The Greater Black Back Gull

Long distance shot of a Gannet.

You either love them or hate them, The Herring Gull in its true environment is a sttuning bird. In the town to some, is a menace. My business partner has a pair nesting on his roof, freshly showered, suited and booted leaving his house on Saturday evening one of the gulls flew off his roof and crapped all over him.Its a good job he is bald, he didn't have to wash his hair again.

Kestrel, always pleasure to see.


  1. The coastline is beautiful! What a great shot. And always, your flight shots are just magnificent. Especially love the Kestrel shot.

  2. Lovely flight shots Sam...something I cannot get right....far too much camera shake.