Monday, 28 December 2009

Sewage Treatment and Turdus

What a day I picked for photography, overcast and gloom. First stop was Chapel Carn Brea to find the Richards Pipit, no luck though, the weather was to windy on the hill for me so it was back to Tregeseal Valley and a look at the sewage works for overwintering Chiff Chaffs. Three Chiff Chaff were present along with Grey Wagtail, Pied Wagtail, Wren and Robin and in the field opposite the works there were several Redwing feeding, unfortunately they were nervous and distance. I had to push the ISO to 640 and 800 to achieve a mediocre shutter speed and the images were captured with the camera handheld. Also shooting through a chain link fence for the Wag and Chiff was a challenge

Red Wing ( Turdus illacus)


  1. Love the action shots Sam.
    Happy New Year to Lisa and yourself,good birding for 2010.

  2. Hi Sam I see you pick the beauty spots joking aside nice shots, Happy New Year to Lisa and yourself and we look forward to many more great wildlife pictures

  3. Well done for getting the pictures in such poor conditions for photography. Happy New Year Lisa and Sam

  4. Always nice shots! Love your variety.